Hawaiian Lomilomi

What is Lomilomi?

Lomilomi (massage) is a tradition within Hawaiian healing arts and it’s been practiced for centuries in the Hawaiian Islands.  Over generations, different styles were developed within different families.  Regardless of different approaches or techniques, all practitioners share the Hawaiian essence of Aloha.  Many clients, just like you will, realise that Aloha goes beyond a simply hello or goodbye or love, it is the “joyful sharing of life energy in the present.”

The Common Thread

Lomilomi goes beyond simple massage technique.  As practitioners, we embody the 7 Huna Principles and commit to maintaining our own physical, emotional and spiritual well-being in service of you.

Since Lomilomi is loving touch with a pure intention, people experience Lomilomi practitioners as clean channels for balance, as harmony is restored!  As Lomilomi practitioners, we learn to flow with love from our hearts into our arms, our hands and into you!  This is the practice of Aloha.

A Ritualistic Therapy

Traditional health beliefs of native Hawaiians, wisely teach that physical healing happens when the mental/emotional and spiritual realms are balanced and in harmony.  This is referred to as the “Lokahi Triangle.”  Hence, Lomilomi practitioners always treat the body in its entirety rather than a specific spot.

A lomilomi session begins with stillness.  As your practitioner gently lies her hands on your back, a chant evokes harmony and healing to take place.  The spiritual tools commonly used are prayer (pule), chant (oli) and meditation (ho’okuano’o). Other techniques for healing body and mind include sweat lodges, internal cleanse and medicinal herbs and plants.  People enjoying their Lomilomi experience a deep state of relaxation or even restful sleep during these sessions.

With a deeper understanding of Lomilomi, you’ll be more convinced of the benefits of this ancient Hawaiian healing practice.  Please go to http://www.huna.org/html/lomilomi.html

Hawaiian Lomilomi – The Bodywork

“In everything we’ve done, massage is significantly effective. There’s not a single condition we’ve looked at—including cancer—that hasn’t responded positively to massage.”
Tiffany Field, Phd, Director, Touch Research Institute, University of Miami

When you combine the proven positive effects of massage with the power of Hawaiian philosophy and teachings, you get Hawaiian Lomilomi.

You’ll receive not only relief from your bodily aches and pains, you’ll also experience the deep relaxation that resets your nervous system.

Lomilomi is also known as “loving hands” massage as we believe that our hands are the extensions of our hearts. Lomilomi touches you with awareness with the intention to find a better and more harmonic state within your mind, body and spirit.

Benefits . . .

  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Reduces daily stress and tensions
  • Relaxes your nervous system
  • Enhances sleep
  • Releases unexpressed emotions in the body
  • Brings about a sense of calmness
  • Improves respiration and circulation
  • Harmonises the energies in your body
  • Improves flexibility

You should know that your optimal health and well-being matter.  So, make them your priority today to fully enjoy the abundance of your life.