Hawaiian Lomilomi by Carita

If you have even minor pains and aches,
you already know stress is affecting you.

If you notice that you can’t control your moods,
you already get that you’re off-balance.

AND, if you are pregnant, you know both you and your bubba
deserve to be nurtured.

Imagine getting your health back.
Just suppose you feel at ease in your own body!
It’s as if you are already pain-free and fully relaxed!
So, how do you access this?

With Carita, who has over 15 years of international practice, you’ll experience traditional
Ka Huna Massage or Heartworks Lomilomi.  
People are amazed that these ancient Hawaiian healing practices bring health by
balancing and harmonising your mind, spirit and body.

As you read on, you’ll understand how the spirit of Hawaiian Lomilomi is your access to health and well-being!

A kahai,” meaning kindness, to be expressed with tenderness
L okahi,” meaning unity, to be expressed with harmony
O luolu,” meaning agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness
H aahaa,” meaning humility, to be expressed with modesty
A honui,” meaning patience, to be expressed with perseverance

Hawaiian Lomilomi

Hawaiian Lomilomi addresses your physical pain and nurtures you at the same time. Feel the aches, pains and stress melt away with the rhythmic flow of lomilomi and renewed energy flowing through your body.

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Hawaiian Pregnancy Lomilomi

Pregnancy is a rite of passage into motherhood, whether it’s your first or subsequent pregnancies. Hawaiian Pregnancy Lomilomi is a holistic massage that honours you and the sacredness of this journey. Because when you are happy and healthy in body mind and spirit, so is your baby.

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Hi, I’m Carita . . .

Welcome to my corner of the world wide web. I’m a Hawaiian massage trainer, Lomilomi Bodyworker, Yoga teacher and Life and Wellness Coach. I’ve trained 1500 therapists in Hawaiian Massage and have had thousands of clients from all over the world benefit from my treatments. The fact that you are here now means that you want to experience that benefit, too. You’re only a click away.  Not quite convinced? Hear it from my clients . . .

“Professional, intuitive and caring treatment with Carita. Her time was very much appreciated over a number of visits. 10/10 experience. Many thanks.”

“Best massage ever! That is really all I really need to say. Carita and the Hawaiian Lomilomi massage is heavenly, The knot in my shoulder disappeared.”

“Ka huna with Carita – Magical!”
“My first Kahuna massage with Carita was 90mins of absolute BLISS!! Skilled, experience, intuitive, the way she held and moved my body was truly remarkable. I felt at complete ease and walked out feeling amazing – people commented that I was glowing! Carita’s bodywork is truly out of this world, I look forward to my next visit. Thanks, Carita.”

“Words cannot express how incredible my massage was yesterday. I literally felt you pull me apart and put me back together again…I have NO back pain today. I’ve had thousands of amazing massages but that the BEST! You are so gifted… At one stage, it felt like i had 4 hands on me…I can’t wait for my next one. Thank you so much.

“I saw Carita for a 90min massage and it was one of the best ever. Within minutes I felt relaxed, I could feel her healing energy and she understood my body almost immediately. She was magical!!! If I were in Noosa for longer I would have definitely gone back. Thank you, Carita. I hope to see you again very soon.”

“Left my massage feeling positively reset after a stressful few weeks. Carita is fantastic at reading my body ad finding all the sore spots and helping to release them. She’s also fantastic at listening to clients – my feet were cold when I arrived, which I mentioned in passing. And so, she incorporated hot rocks into the massage at the very start to help warm me up. Best massage ever. 90mins went very fast.

“Food for One’s Soul!!”
I’ve just spent a week in Noosa and one of my goals was to explore new experiences and make th most of my short stay. I, therefore, booked my first 90 min Ka Huna massage with Carita. The massage incorporated hot stone work and used the divine do’Terra essential oils. Carita’s style is very nurturing and she intuitively understood what my body needed to feel rejuvenated. The flowing strokes, beautiful soothing music and the use of the hot stones soon melted all my tension emotionally and physically and I was transported into a state of bliss. Carita is a true healer of body, minsd and spirit – thank you Carita for a magical experience, and one I look forward to receiving from you again.”

“So very relaxing Lomilomi”
“Had an absolutely blissful massage with Carita yesterday, felt so relaxed and transported into a zone that is hard to describe. It felt like a kindred spirit takes you away to a place of trust and nurturing. Lomilomi massage is really very special. Thanks you and all the best for your future in Singapore.”

“Great time for myself”
“Such a beautiful massage from Carita. I felt so nourished and I had space to relax deeply. Now home I feel released from a very heavy energy I was carrying. I feel light in my body and present with myself. Thank you again, Carita. I loved it.”

“Carita is magical!”
“I’ve had my first Ka Huna massage today with Carita after studying Ka Huna and Lomilomi with her. I always knew and felt she is one of a kind and that I really needed to get a massage from her. It truly was the best massage I’ve ever received.
She is so present, connected and full of love while giving a massage. I felt so incredibly safe, loved, nurtured and cared for. She touched and massaged my body with so much presence and softness, that I could allow myself to open up, soften and process what I had to process. She knew which spots needed more attention.It was truly magic, amazing. Now words can describe this. Forever grateful for you, Carita! Lots of love.”

“I’ve been meaning to write to thank you for whatever you did in my massage. It was some kind of release and revelation.

Since coming to see you I have an unwavering desire to pursue body work! The missing piece of a puzzle to complement my existing mind work…I’ve booked yoga teacher training and I have found a Lomi Lomi training course here…unless you have some future training in the pipeline. I would love to train with you!
Whatever you did – thank you. I’m truly grateful.  And my leg is no longer experiencing any weird sensations! You are a miracle worker ”

“It’s not often you meet people who are masters of their profession.  Carita was definitely a representation of this.  I usually don’t enjoy massages but after my husband went, who has many injuries, and convinced me to go, I couldn’t believe how amazing she was.  She actually worked through all my pressure points which were extremely painful through patience and breathing.  We left Noosa feeling like Carita had unlocked some long standing physical pain for us and has helped heal our minds too.  I cannot recommend her enough, and looking forward to coming back to Noosa where I will gift the entire family time with this incredibly talented woman.  Thank you, Carita.  You truly have a gift of healing.”

“I had the pleasure of booking a Kahuna Massage with lovely Carita recently. It was the most amazing experience in my Kahuna journey so far! I felt immediately comfortable & at ease with her & was able to fully surrender to the process & let go, which allowed me to fully recieve the incredible energy she gave through her magical touch.It was not only relaxing on a physical level, it was also a truely spiritual experience which unlocked some buried emotions & brought them to the light for release. I felt so completely nurtured physically & emotionally throughout the treatment & it has left me so much more balanced on every level.Carita is amazing! I can highly recommend her as a massage therapist, she is like no other that I have experienced so far. I felt completely supported by her calm, grounding presence & her highly attuned sense of intuition allowed my session to work with the divine flow of exactly what I needed in that moment. I will definitely be back as soon as possible! Thank you! ♡”

“I had the opportunity to experience Carita’s weekend workshop in learning Lomi Lomi this past weekend. I loved the whole weekend and not only was Carita professional , she is warm , kind and welcoming with a beautiful presence about her. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would recommend anyone that is looking at learning new techniques in massage to try Lomi Lomi with Carita ! I went away feeling more confident in my own abilities and skills but more importantly i came away feeling more loved and accepted for who i am.. I am already a level 4 Kahuna body worker and now i have another technique in which to really honor and support healing within my clients process. So thank you Carita for your authenticity and uniqueness in facilitating and engaging the way you did all weekend with all of us and letting your own light shine .. Much Aloha to you always xxxx”

“My massage today was absolutely incredible! Carita is amazing as a person and as a kahuna therapist. She is very genuine and down to earth which really lets you feel welcomed and relaxed. My body has felt extremely out of balance lately due to studying full time and looking after two toddlers. Carita moved and stretched my body in ways that I didn’t even realise I needed and it felt incredible. Thank you for helping me reconnect with my mind and body today Carita and for reminding me to love and nurture myself like I do so lovingly to my own children. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ”

“Abundant gratitude dear heart Carita, for being you, for holding such loving, healing, transformative space in your wonderful Kahuna treatment sessions.”

“Carita appreciation and gratitude for the positive intentions. The amazing healing and next level you go with each treatment. I highly recommend booking in with Carita……Aloha SUPER CHICK CARITA. Blessings.”

“I highly recommend Carita’s Refresher Workshop! Carita’s attention to detail is thorough and she works at your level, improving & refining your technique & reminding you of what you may have forgotten. Immediately my treatments have improved as I feel more confident. In a small group she can really focus on the little things that can make a difference. It doesn’t matter what stage you are in your learning, there’s something there for everyone & it’s all presented in a relaxed, patient way. A thoroughly enjoyable day! Many thanks Carita ”

“For the past six months, Carita has been my personal Yoga teacher and massage therapist.  She is an excellent tutor who was able to make my learning of Yoga enjoyable and worthwhile.  Her instructions were clear and precise.  She is a good massage therapist.  I have benefitted from her massage therapy with relief from my long term neck and back pain.  She also has excellent work ethics.  I have no hesitation in recommending her both as a Yoga teacher and a massage therapist.”

“In 2019, I met Carita at Ulpotha, an Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat in the beautiful jungle of Sri Lanka.
I often go to massages and have so far experienced that body parts are massaged in isolation, one after the other. That was not the case with the Lomi Lomi massage I received from Carita. I felt my body as one, whole, which was a unique and wonderful experience. But Carita’s massage didn’t only deeply touch me on my body level, but soul, spirit and emotional level, too.
I’m very grateful for this true gift that I received from and through Carita. It basically reminded me of how it felt in my very first days of my life, in the arms of my mother: complete, protected and one with everything.
You need to be very gifted and experienced to create such an experience and Carita is. Therefore, I can only highly recommend everyone to get a massage from Carita and enjoy the experience.  I look forward to my next one, when and wherever ;-)”

Carita’s massage fills me with peace, love and gratitude in addition to feeling helped and whole physically.  Truly magical experience.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

You would be so lucky to have Carita’s hands on you. She is a powerhouse, radiating a calm strength seldom few genuinely attain. I felt totally supported, held and guided for my body to unlock various forms of tension. Her years of experience shine through when she finds the exact spots needed to make a massage session into a therapeutic one.  Book in, you’re in for an awesome treat.

Carita is one of the most authentic, genuine, inspirational and down to earth people on this planet. She has the amazing ability to see you for where you’re at, yet guide you to become who you’d like to be. I never felt belittled or reprimanded by her gentle yet strong approach to life coaching. Carita has helped me become a more tolerant, patient, wise and calm person, who can regulate emotions and be in charge of my moods. She walks her talk, she’s the real deal. Thankyou Carita for the gift you gave given me, I’m truly grateful.

Being on retreat with Carita is like going on holiday overseas with a dear friend. Yes, sure, there’s obstacles, life lessons and personal growth, but there’s also tonnes of fun and big belly laughs. Carita holds a safe space to totally be yourself, no holds barred, and be accepted. It is such a special thing to feel so relaxed and learn so much at the same time. I can’t wait til the next retreat, for her expert eye on refining technique, magic professional healing hands and sweet demeanor giggles when instructing.

Carita has a truly healing touch. She knows how to massage you in a way that nurtures your body and soul.  She uses music and essential oils to create a multi-sensorial experience that leave you feeling calm and  cared for.