Hawaiian Pregnancy Lomilomi

Imagine for the next 60 mins you’re being gently massaged.

Relaxed, your baby bump comfortably cradled by a uniquely designed massage table.

Feeling your tensions being slowly pushed away with every stroke of the rhythmic wave-like flow of Lomilomi.

Find yourself and your unborn baby being cradled and nurtured together.

Hawaiian Pregnancy Lomilomi is a full body oil massage that respects the unique needs of your body.  Most mothers talk about their surprise at how nurturing and restorative it feels.  Even a single session addresses the aches and pain common in pregnancies.

Benefits . . .

  • Creates connection with your baby
  • Relieves Muscular Tension
  • Instills Calm and Balance
  • Promotes Circulation
  • Reduces Back Aches
  • Reduces Edema
  • Better Sleep

Hawaiian Prenatal Massage & Yoga

Your pregnancy is a special journey. You want to be healthy and strong and to feel good even after delivery. Therefore, looking after yourself well is non-negotiable.

Hawaiian Prenatal Massage & Yoga looks after you and your baby.

In this 2-2.5 hour session, you’ll begin with a yoga program that’s tailored to support the current stage of your pregnancy. Because you have worked your body with yoga, the prenatal massage that follows will enhance the integration of your yoga practice, bringing balance and harmony to your being. To complete this journey, you’ll be guided in a meditation to invite more love and joy in your connection with your baby.

With Hawaiian Prenatal Massage and Yoga, your pregnancy journey can be one of ease and grace. You’ll feel nurtured and supported in body, mind and spirit as you prepare for the arrival of your baby.

This personalised session will be conducted in the comfort and safety of your home

Kind notes from Carita’s Clients

I would like to tell every pregnant lady out there to do yourself a favour and book yourself in with Carita for a Hawaiian Pregnancy Lomilomi! I went to see Carita for 2 hours of Lomilomi Bliss when I was heavily pregnant with my first child. What an amazing experience! Being a Massage Therapist myself, I’m very picky and I could not fault Carita’s treatment. You can tell Carita is highly experienced. This treatment isn’t like any normal massage. It truly is an experience. I felt touched on so many levels and I will be forever grateful to Carita for her loving touch. Lohuna Massage was the perfect way to bond with my baby prior to meeting her and giving back to myself.

My second pregnancy was particularly difficult from both emotional and physical perspectives. Being 40 years of age and enduring an unplanned pregnancy was a challenging journey. Having had sessions with Carita throughout my pregnancy was a major anchor in my journey.

Carita’s ability to hold a healing and safe space is beyond nurturing. It is grounding. She provided me a powerful and experienced mentorship, embodying compassion, empathy and kindness no matter how I was on any particular day. I left our sessions feeling empowered, energetic and able to trust again.